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Paramedical Restorative Tattoos

Paramedical Restorative Tattoos

Paramedical Restorative TattoosParamedical Restorative Tattoos

Non-Mastectomy Restorative Areola Tattoos


Sometimes the shape, size and pigmentation of an areola can become altered after breast surgery (augmentation, mastopexy breast lift, reduction mammoplasty, lumpectomy, male gynecomastia surgery, ftm top surgery, etc.) and/or from complications such as necrosis.

These areas can be restored with a custom-mixed pigment that matches the color of the existing areola, and then tattooed with a blending/feathering technique that will help enhance the balance and harmony of the areolas.

Corrective tattooing services are also available to help re-define the color or shape of areola tattoos done previously by other technicians that may have faded or require a little perfecting.

You're invited to become both the canvas and the art director of this project as we collaborate together to achieve optimal results! Several sessions may be required.

Medical-grade topical numbing cream is available if needed to ensure your comfort.