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Paramedical Restorative Tattoos

Paramedical Restorative Tattoos

Paramedical Restorative TattoosParamedical Restorative Tattoos
Suzanne Moe, SUMA Ink

Suzanne Moe

"The Breast Tattoo Artist in Miami"

Co-founder/SUMA Ink

Licensed * Insured * Doctor Referred

Following mastectomy and breast reconstruction, most women are left without a nipple or surrounding areola. I'm able to replicate and restore the natural look of a nipple and areola by custom-mixing pigments that match individual skin tones. I then gently tattoo over scars to create a realistic looking nipple/areola, complete with light, shadows, textures and dimension. This specialized trompe l’oeil technique is also known as a “3d nipple areola tattoo.” I love helping patients reclaim a sense of wholeness and completion after a long journey and am humbled and honored to do this work.

I also help camouflage scars anywhere on the body, and can restore the color and shape of nipples and areolas that have been compromised by breast surgeries such as augmentation, mastopexy breast lift, reduction mammoplasty, lumpectomy, male gynecomastia surgery, ftm top surgery, etc. 

The restoration of these features can also restore self-esteem and self-confidence ... so the transformation is profound on many levels!

I’ve worked as a licensed professional tattoo artist since 1997 on diverse and unique cases. My methods are controlled, gentle and safe. I follow strict sterilization and sanitation standards in accordance with OSHA requirements, utilizing a 100% single-use, disposable system for each procedure.

I work with each individual holistically. My private studio is welcoming to people of all cultures, genders, ethnicities, circumstances and conditions. I also work from the offices of reputable local plastic surgeons. If you have questions or think my services may be beneficial to you or your loved ones, please contact me directly.




Mastectomy Tattoos

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Non-Mastectomy Areola Tattoos

non-mastectomy restorative areola tattoo repigmentation.

Camouflage Tattoos

Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC), Skin Repigmentation, Camouflage Tattooing, Skin Color Tattoo

New Service! Restorative Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as SMP, is a non-invasive solution to hair loss. We replicate individual hair follicles with care and precision to add density to balding areas, camouflage scar lines and create the appearance of fuller, natural looking hair.


"After my diagnosis of breast cancer, a double mastectomy left me struggling to adjust to my new normal.  I wanted more than anything to move past those painful moments and find acceptance with my new body.  Suzanne gave me that and so much more!  She created something beautiful that perfectly fit me.  With my new tattoos I caught myself smiling in the mirror.  Smiling!!!  I no longer saw a body that looked foreign and scarred. Instead I saw something beautiful reflecting back.  Suzanne's amazing talent and heart of gold helped me find myself again and reminded me that I'm not breast cancer or my scars.  The whole experience reminded me that there are still many, many reasons to smile!"

~ Samantha

"Having had a double mastectomy with reconstruction last year, I did NOT want a third surgery in nipple reconstruction.  I called Suzanne and had a free consultation with her regarding getting 3D Nipple Tattoos.  Whoa.... I LOVE her!  She is awesome and knows her work.  My husband watched the entire tattoo procedure and is now fascinated by the art of tattooing.  I feel WHOLE again for the first time since my surgery and they look SO realistic...and my husband loves them.  We both loved Suzanne's gentle and soothing nature and her art skills are God-given for sure.  I highly recommend Suzanne for ANY tattoo work you'd like to get done...but especially for you women looking for a painless and beautiful alternative to nipple reconstruction.  I'm a fan of 3D tattoos forever more.  Thanks, Suzanne!"

~ Minnie

"I had bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in 2009. My nipple reconstruction flattened out. Unfortunately, the tattooing done in the plastic surgeon's office in 2009 faded. I searched the web for 3D nipple tattooing and found this lovely lady. Suzanne is AMAZING. She did a phenomenal job. She is very knowledgeable, informative, sensitive to the situation and extremely accommodating. Suzanne also provided me with preliminary documentation to present to Aetna to have her service covered at the in network provider level. I drove from Altamonte Springs, FL to Homestead, FL which equates to my highly recommending Suzanne."

~ Lolo

"I am a breast and ovarian cancer survivor. I underwent a double mastectomy, with breast and nipple reconstruction. The areola and nipple color was missing and I just didn’t feel complete. I did my research for a quality certified paramedical micro-pigmentation specialist. I was referred to Suzanne Moe of SUMA Ink by a plastic surgeon.
I was not disappointed!  Suzanne was very professional and sensitive to my situation. She took great care of me. We first met for a consultation where we discussed my medical health history, my goals and how she could use her skills to help my transformation. I was originally planning to get the regular nipple areola tattoo, but when I learned Suzanne was also a traditional tattoo artist, I asked her if she could design some cute and happy flowers instead. I went with a pink and yellow flower. I just love my new tattooed ta-tas! I am so happy to look at my chest and see a beautiful work of art, instead of ugly scars…. thank you Suzanne. "
~ Evie

"You gave me my sexy back ... and that is priceless, darling! I can't stop looking at myself. What you do is amazing!"


"After having a double mastectomy and nipple reconstruction, the only thing missing was the areola. My plastic surgeon recommended Suzanne and I'm so happy she did. They look AMAZING! Suzanne is kind, funny and down to earth and makes you feel like you have known her forever."

- Theresa

"As a breast cancer survivor, SUMA Ink has been very professional and supportive of me during my reconstructive process. Not only am I very pleased with the results of my micro- pigmentation, but Suzanne's care and concern for me as a person … I wholeheartedly recommend SUMA Ink."

- Lina

After a double mastectomy, with areola and nipple removal, I was undecided about what to do next. Should I undergo a complete reconstruction of the nipple area? Or should I choose to get a 3D nipple-areola tattoo done by a specialist?  

I was referred to Suzanne Moe of SUMA Ink by my plastic surgeon to discuss my options. Suzanne was a very kind, caring and professional person. She went step-by-step, explaining to me how she could work with me. She worked on my design and also showed me all the colors and materials that she could use. All of my questions and concerns were addressed.  

I was comfortable and relaxed when Suzanne worked on me. I am very happy with my 3D nipple and areola tattoo. Suzanne did an awesome job. I highly recommend SUMA Ink."  

~ Dee

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Nipple Areola Tattoos

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